How to tell if a psychic is fake

Psychic industry is filled with con men. It is wise to conduct proper research before hiring services of a psychic. Do not hire the first psychic you come across simply because you think that he or she is the best. Many people have lost their hard earned cash to fraudulent psychics because of their lack of knowledge. Fortunately, the internet is filled with information on how to distinguish between a fake psychic and genuine one. Here ways some of the ways to tell whether you are dealing with a psychic, by

Looks for you

Psychics are not supposed to look for clients instead clients are the ones to seek for their services. Any person who keeps requesting to offer you with services is fake. Most fraudsters tend to approach persons that they believe are easy to convince. Make sure that you do not become a victim of their tricks. A genuine psychic will not start asking you to pay some amount of money in return for assistance

Claims to remove curses

Removal of curses is one of the most common ways most con artists use to defraud clients looking for psychics. Most of them will not tell you in the first reading, but at one point of reading scriptures, she or he will tell you that you have been cursed. Any psychic who tells you have been a curse is fake. Such psychics often ask a lot of money in return for their services. In other words, genuine psychic do not believe the existence of curses. If the psychic wants to cast a spell over you, then you should consider another option.

Asks for cash up front

Do not pay for services you have not been offered. There is no reputable psychic who will ask you to make some form of payment before you can get your reading. A genuine psychic will stick to the code of conduct in this field. The experts should provide readings and wait until you are satisfied with their services before they can ask for any payment in the long run. The expert should also allow not you to pay any cash if you are not satisfied with the readings you have been provided with.

Asks many questions

A visit to a psychic is not like an interview where you should be asked endless questions. The right expert will give you answers and not ask questions whenever visited by a client.

Too general

A good psychic will outline to your specific readings that you should look at when seeking assistance. There are skilled cold readers who can get a lot of details from you by just looking at the way you appear. If the psychic keeps on telling you general statements and not specifics then you should look for another option as soon as possible.

In conclusion, finding a genuine psychic is tricky. There are many psychics who are out to steal your minor with fake services. It is good to understand how to different a fake and genuine psychic before embarking on the mission to look for one.