WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE AWAY FROM HOME - ReRun - Dorset Runaways Service

What to do if you're away
from home

Make sure that someone knows where you are and where you are staying and will check regularly that you are safe.

If someone you don't know offers to help - ask yourself why? You've read the stories on the news about young people who end up hurt or dead.

Is there an adult you know that you could text or phone?

If not, use one of the runaway help lines - 07958 475 075 for ReRun or 0808 800 7070 (free phone.) Put these numbers on your mobile phone now - you never know when you might need them.

Although you might be feeling upset or angry, getting drunk or using drugs is likely to make you do things you might regret later. Talking to someone on one of the numbers above might help.

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