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What ReRun will do

When a worker first meets a young person or parent they will undertake a pre CAF* assessment to ascertain what the areas of work are likely to be and whether other agencies need to be involved. In either case as the worker gets to know the young person or family a full assessment will be completed.

Where it takes a long time for a young person or family to build up a trusting relationship with a worker it may take a while before other agencies are introduced.

ReRun workers can offer advice, information, guidance, very practical support, advocacy, mediation, and for parents can offer individual support, couple counselling and group support.

ReRun workers have training and experience and may be able to help in the following areas – accessing mental health support, alcohol & drug use, anger management, benefit entitlements, counselling, criminal justice system, education & training, employment, housing & homelessness, runaways, self harm, sexual health.

*Common Assessment Framework

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