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I am 16 and got in touch with ReRun through their helpline when I saw their number at the youth centre. I haven’t ever run away from home but I have thought about it a lot. I haven’t got on with my mum and dad since I told them I was gay six months ago and now we row all the time. My dad doesn’t really want to know me anymore and my mum just wants me to babysit my little sister all the time while she goes out. I called ReRun when I was thinking about leaving – the woman on the end of the phone was really great, we chatted for about an hour and I felt I could tell her stuff.  She linked me up with a youth worker who arranged to come and meet me. I would meet him after school every couple of weeks and we would have a bit of a laugh. We just did normal stuff, I talked to him and that’s what helped me. Gary, age 16

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When Gary told us he was gay it was a real shock to his Dad – they used to do all sorts...