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When I was 6, my mum left my dad because of violence and abuse towards her but my sisters and me stayed with Dad because he’d never hit us.

At first it was okay, but then Dad stopped us from seeing mum and then he did start on us. I got the worst of it, as well as hitting, he started beating me with his belt, locking me in the cellar overnight and then locking me in the garage for whole weekends without food. He hit me so hard once around my head that I still suffer from double vision and headaches.

Eventually a neighbour called in Social Services & we went to live with mum. Although it was better I started getting into trouble and by the time I was 12, I was drinking & smoking cigarettes and cannabis. I ran away from home loads and by 15 I had a full-blown heroin addiction.

I’d seen lots of different workers by the time I met ReRun but none of them were there when I really needed them. ReRun helped me sort out somewhere to live and to start to deal with my addictions – I was in quite a mess. It’s been up and down for me for a long time now, but I can talk to ReRun workers and they don’t judge me or tell me what to do. I know what I’ve got to do and if I want help from them they give it. It’s been really good to have someone to talk to. Danny, age 17

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I married young, to get away from home and when my husband started shouting at me, then hitting me I didn’t know...