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ReRun was set up in 2003 to provide a dedicated outreach service to young people away from home, who have either run away, been thrown out of home or who have unsafe or insecure accomodation. The Outreach team, work with young people on their terms, in their settings and to their agenda. They offer advice, information, guidance and support. ReRun works closely with all Children's Services and Dorset Police, however it remains an independent charity, firmly rooted with voluntary sector principles of working only in ways that benefit the group of people it was set up to support.

Facts & Figures

  • Each year 1200 young people in Dorset under 16, run away and stay away overnight. 2/3 of young people are not reported missing, leaving them vulnerable to abuse, victimisation & exploitation.
  • One in nine young people will run away or be forced to leave home for at least one night before they are 16, that is at least 3 people per school class.
  • Few young people run away because they really want to, for most it is the last resort. In most cases when a young person runs away they feel that adults don't care, don't listen and don't understand.


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